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Extended Foster Care (AB 12)

Assembly Bill 12 was signed into law on September 30, 2010 and took effect on January 1, 2012. AB 12, and the subsequent AB 212, implement provisions of the Federal Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008 (PL 110-351) to improve outcomes for youth in foster care. A provision of the Federal Fostering Connections to Success law permits states to extend title IV-E assistance to eligible child welfare or probation youth that remain in foster care up to age 21. 
AB 12 affects many areas in child welfare such as, Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment (Kin-GAP), Aid to Families with Dependent Children – Foster Care (AFDC-FC), the Transitional Housing Programs, and Adoption Assistance Payments (AAP). More information on AB 12 is provided in the County Letters detailed below. 

Additional Extended Foster Care resources may be found at  CalSWEC Training Resources .

All County Letters pertaining to AB 12

ACL 11-61 Extended Foster Care (EFC)

  • Provides information about the extension of AFDC-FC benefits for youth that remain in foster care beyond age 18

ACL 11-69 Extension of Foster Care Beyond Age 18: Part One

  • Provides instructions on the policies and procedures of the EFC Program

ACL 11-77 Extension of Foster Care Beyond Age 18: Part Two Placement

  • Provides instructions on the policies and procedures for the placement of Non-Minor Dependents (NMD) in the EFC Program

ACL 11-85 Part Three Extension of Foster Care Beyond Age 18: Part Three Probation

  • Provides information on probation youth access to the EFC Program and includes a discussion of the new mechanism which allows for and defines how wards of the court can access the EFC Program

ACL 11-86 Extension of Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program Benefits and Adoption Assistance Payments to Age 21

  • Provides instructions on the extension of Kin-GAP Program benefits and AAP to age 21

ACL 11-15 New Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program Requirements

  • Describes the new Kin-GAP program requirements pursuant to AB12

ACL 11-78 California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs): Extending Benefits to Non-Minor Dependents

  • Describes the changes to the CalWORKs program pursuant to AB12 and explains how NMDs are eligible to receive CalWORKs benefits up to age 20

ACL 12-05 Implementation of EFC Special Project Codes in the CWS/CMS System

  • Provides instructions on the statewide Special Project Codes in CWS/CMS and the new and revised forms required for the implementation of EFC

ACL 12-12 Re-entry into Extended Foster Care

  • Focuses on the requirements for re-entry of a former foster youth (probation, child welfare or tribally supervised) into AFDC-FC benefits after attaining 18 years of age

ACL 12-13 Relative and Nonrelative Extended Family Member Assessment/Approval; Revised and New SOC Forms for Nonminor Dependent Placement

  • Provides information and instructions on the forms used for the assessment of a prospective or existing relative or nonrelative extended family member caregiver

ACL 12-44 Transitional Housing Placement-Plus-Foster Care And Changes To Transitional Housing Placement Program And Transitional Housing Program-Plus

  • Provides information about the Transitional Housing Placement-Plus-Foster Care (THP+FC) program that is one of the new placement options for Non-Minor Dependents.

ACL 13-91 After 18 Program (AB 12 Extended Foster Care) and Indian Non-Minor Dependents Covered by the Indian Child Welfare Act

  • Provides information on how the designation of “Indian child” per the Indian Child Welfare Act applies to NMDs, as well as information on participation, eligibility criteria, and placement options for tribal NMDs.

ACL 14-33 Nonminor Dependents (NMDs) Placed Out of State

  • Provides instructions and procedures on Out-of-State placements for youth age 18 and older who are in extended foster care. Counties interested in seeing which states provide extended foster care can view the  Additional States Providing Extended Foster Care spreadsheet.

ACL 15-67 Additional Payment for Nonminor Dependent Parent in a Supervised Independent Living Placement

  • Provides information on an additional $200 monthly payment that is available to NMD parents residing in supervised independent living placements: the NMD parent is required to identify a responsible mentor and enter into a parenting support plan with the mentor.

All County Information Notices Pertaining to AB 12 

ACIN 1-40-11 Program Information Regarding Assembly Bill12 and the Extension of Foster Care to Age 20

  • Provides an overall description of the major provisions of AB12

ACIN 1-78-11 Training Activities for the Extension of Foster Care Program

  • Provides information on training activities for the EFC Program and provides a general description of the efforts underway to develop a statewide curriculum

ACIN I-29-13 Extended Foster Care Update

  • Provides information to counties about the statutory changes to the Welfare and Institutions Code via passage of AB 1712, signed on September 30, 2012, and SB 1013, signed on June 27, 2012, concerning the EFC Program.

ACIN I-76-15 Extended Foster Care Update

  • Discusses additional populations eligible to re-enter foster care as NMDs pursuant to AB 787 and AB 2454; the ability of juvenile courts to make orders for probation NMDs; transition dependents; in-progress reunification plans for NMDs; voluntary out-of-home placements for NMDs; and NMD adoptions.

County Fiscal Letters Pertaining to AB 12 

CFL 11/12-32 County Assistance (CA 800) Claim and County Expense Claim (CEC) Preliminary Claiming and Time Study Instructions for the Implementation of EFC

  • Provides preliminary instructions for the CEC and CA 800 related to EFC to assist counties in tracking expenditures and activities that are eligible for reimbursement under AB12

CFL 10/11-61 Fiscal Year (FY) 2010-11 Federally-Funded Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program Administration Allocation

  • Informs counties of the FY 10-11 allocation for the federally funded Kin-GAP Program Administration as a result of the released Governor’s Budget

CFL 10/11-64 County Expense Claim Time Study and Claiming Instructions, and Assistance Claiming Instructions for the New Kinship Guardianship Assistance Payment Program

  • Provides CEC time study and claiming instructions, and corrected assistance claiming instructions, for the new Kin-GAP program pursuant to AB12

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