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Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) FAQs

  1. What are the AAP benefits that an AAP eligible child may receive?

    The benefits available for AAP eligible children are as follows: a monthly financial benefit, medical insurance through Medi-Cal, non-recurring adoption expenses (up to $400 per child,) payment for residential treatment and continuation of AAP benefits in a readoption.

  2. What is the amount of the monthly financial AAP benefit?

    The amount of financial assistance is determined based upon the special needs of the child and circumstances of the family. The AAP benefit shall not exceed the age related State-approved foster family home rate the child would have received had they not been adopted. If the child’s needs are greater and require a higher level of care and supervision, they may qualify for a Special Care Increment (SCI) in addition to the basic foster family home rate. The SCI rate varies county to county, as each county has their own SCI rate schedule. A child who is developmentally delayed and a current consumer of California Regional Center may qualify for the dual agency flat rate.

  3. The following questions and/or requests are to be directed to the responsible public agency: The name of the responsible public agency is stated on the signed AAP agreement.

    • Update current mailing address
    • Update family circumstances
    • Submit completed Reassessment Information AAP form
    • Request an AAP benefit increase due to an increase in the child’s special needs which require greater supervision and care
    • Request an age increase
    • Out-of-home placements
    • Wrap-Around services
  4. What if the adoptive parent(s) does not wish to receive AAP benefits for their AAP eligible adopted child?

    If the adoptive parent(s) elect to not apply for AAP benefits, they are encouraged to sign a deferred adoption assistance agreement. A deferred adoption agreement will retain the child’s eligibility for an AAP grant at a future time and qualifies the child for Medi-Cal benefits when needed.