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Outcomes and Accountability System

The O&A System was formed as a result of the passage of the Child Welfare System Improvement and Accountability Act (AB 636)  in 2001 and the Children and Family Services Reviews (CFSR) . AB 636 was designed to improve outcomes for children in the child welfare system while holding county and state agencies accountable for the outcomes achieved. This statewide accountability system, which went into effect January 1, 2004, is an enhanced version of the CFSR, the federal oversight system mandated by Congress and used to monitor states’ performance. For statewide reports prior to 2004 .

Please send questions or comments to C-CFSR@dss.ca.gov .

A. Letters & Information Notices to Counties (ACL, ACIN & CFL)
Section contains state generated letters and information notices used to disseminate C-CFSR information to all counties. All other Letters and Notices .

B. Child Welfare Services Case Reviews

C. CWS Outcomes & C-CFSR Data Indicators
Section contains data reports and tools produced by CDSS and the University of California Berkeley, including quarterly data for individual county outcomes, measures, and aggregate state data.

D. C-CFSR Instruction Manual, Templates and County Reports 
This section contains information to guide and assist counties with the development of their C-CFSR documents. This also serves as a repository of completed county reports.

E. Research & Literature Reviews
The research and literature reviews available here are provided by the state to counties to inform on particular published child welfare subject areas.

F. Resources
This section contains information on social worker training and education, evidence based practices, and the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).

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Children’s Services Outcomes & Accountability Bureau
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E-mail: C-CFSR@dss.ca.gov