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The Children’s Services Operations and Evaluation Branch facilitates adoptions of children who need permanent homes. This is carried out through seven district offices that provide direct Agency and Independent adoption services.

The Branch is also responsible for protecting children who are at risk, safeguarding the rights of those who receive Child Welfare Services (CWS) and maintaining the integrity of families by assisting and supporting counties’ compliance with uniform implementation of laws and regulations governing the provision of CWS.

The CMS Support Branch is responsible for developing policy for the automated system. The system is designed to minimize the administrative and systems barriers which inhibit the effective provision of services to children and families. Technical support services are also provided to the Children and Family Services Division.

The Child Protection and Family Support Branch is responsible for designing and overseeing an array of programs and services for California's at-risk families and children.

The Foster Care Audits And Rates Branch (FCARB) is responsible for setting rates for foster care group homes and foster family agencies. The FCARB is also responsible for performance of program and provisional rate compliance audits of group homes; review and follow-up of the financial statement audits submitted by group homes and foster family agencies; and provision of training and technical assistance to group homes and foster family agencies.

Child and Youth Permanency Branch is responsible for services necessary to support out-of-home care and transitional services and resources for children, youth and families.

The Office of the Ombudsman is mandated to disseminate information on the rights of children and youth in foster care and the services provided by the Office, investigate and attempt to resolve complaints made by or on behalf of children placed in foster care, and compile and make available to the Legislature all data collected over the course of the year.  The Office of the Foster Care Ombudsman also reviews complaints involving CWS agencies.

The Stakeholders Group examines the current processes and outcomes of the public Child Welfare Services program in California to determine the desired directions and goals for the program.